11 Jun 2019

CIIMAR student wins Idea Challenge by Green European Foundation

João Carecho, master student at CIIMAR, won the Idea Challenge Portugal competition, funded by the Green European Foundation by presenting  AQUAFLOWS, an educational project that aims to raise young people's awareness of environmental issues related to freshwater courses and phytoremediation.


The project AQUAFLOWS - AQUArium with FLOating Wetland in School - was put into practice at a school (Escola Básica Augusto Gil) during the World Environment Day and included a freshwater aquarium with an associated floating island of plants.


Awareness-raising activities were also carried out for the young students by the CIIMAR Researcher Cristina Calheiros, who addressed the theme of climate change and the power of plants to treat water, and João Carecho who approached the fishes of Portuguese river ecosystems.


In the end, the aquarium was introduced to all the school comunity and the younger ones had the opportunity to plant the floating island.


The Idea Challenge Portugal competition by Green European Foundation rewards idea which will make local communities more open, democratic, inclusive, and ultimately European. Along with the prize, the Idea Challenge endorses the winners with a lot of help in the implementation process, to turn their ideas into reality and make sure as many people as possible hear about it.