05 Jul 2019

CIIMAR at the 5th session of the Workshop Cycle ENM 2030

Today the researcher Ana Paula Mucha moderated the session about the Scientific Strategy for the Sea of the 5th session of the Workshop Cycle  ENM 2030. The opening session also counted on the participation of the Portuguese Minister of the Sea, Ana Paula Vitorino and the Minister of Science and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor.


The discussion Topics on the session were:


1. What are the great synergy opportunities between ENM 2030 and science?


2. Which are the strategic areas of the Sea in which Portugal should concentrate its investment in science?


3. What are the needs to support national Science Infrastructures and access to international science infrastructures?


4. What role should Science play in the development of Port Tech Clusters (technological acceleration platforms of the sea industries in ports)?


5. What policies can we implement to increase innovation and the creation of new companies from the scientific progress?


6. What should be Portugal's focus on the Agenda for the Decade of Ocean Science of the UN?