09 Jul 2019

GEO BON meeting at CIIMAR

From July 9th to 11th, CIIMAR is hosting the annual meeting of the Group on Earth Observations Biodiversity Observation Network, or GEO BON.


GEO BON is a global network of nearly 800 members representing 90 countries and over 500 institutions. Together we aim at improving the acquisition, coordination and delivery of biodiversity observations and ecosystem services to a wide range of users that include the scientific community and decision makers. Each year, the leads of all working groups, task forces and biodiversity observation network take part in the Implementation Committee meeting to discuss the development of the network and its products as well as future directions and milestones for GEO BON.


This year this team will put an emphasis on the development of the Essential Biodiversity Variables and on the contribution of GEO BON and its members to the post-2020 biodiversity framework of the Convention on Biological Diversity.


The meeting is hosted by Isabel Sousa Pinto, FCUP and CIIMAR that is the Co-chair of the MBON-Marine Biodiversity Observation Network, a thematic network from GEO BON that aims at fostering a community of practice in marine biodiversity monitoring to enable understanding and reporting of trends in marine biodiversity from local to regional to global scales to better inform society of the state of biodiversity and how to benefit from and conserve it.


The main goals of the meeting are:

  • Discuss a revised list of EBVs based on the contributions of the different working groups
  • Develop a strategy for the development of EBV products by 2020
  • Confirm the approach for operationalizing the EBVs within the BONs including refining/testing the EBV candidates, including the tools/toolkits related to the workflows in BON in a Box
  • Ensuring that the outputs of the WGs and BONs are included in BON Design Manual
  • Explore options for the GEO BON Secretariat post 2020