Principal Investigator
Vitor Vasconcelos

Leader Institution


UID/Multi/04423 - CIIMAR

A Blue Future: Knowledge of the Ocean as the basis for the sustainable management and exploitation of marine resources

CIIMAR's research is focused on three Thematic Lines: Global Changes and Ecosystem Services; Biology, Aquaculture and Quality of Seafood; and Marine Biotechnology. CIIMAR will contribute to a "Blue" approach by promoting R&D in a multi and interdisciplinary approach taking into account the various aspects of the Ocean and coastal research, as an integrated system. Thus, CIIMAR aims to uncover the links between physical, chemical and biological processes, contributing to the understanding of the ocean and the functioning of its ecosystems, unravelling their responses to global changes in progress. We will contribute to the development of sustainable aquaculture practices, ensuring adequate quality control of aquatic consumer products. Finally, we will address the biodiversity of marine organisms as an unexplored source of biomolecules. This approach will provide innovative solutions for food applications, new drugs and industrial products.

Given the trend in scientific and socioeconomic production indicators in recent years, a consistent increase in the number of publications in high impact scientific journals is expected. CIIMAR also expects a significant increase in the number of patents and other more applied indicators (software). The societal repercussions must also go through the appearance of spinoffs. The proposed work program will produce strong links with industry and with society in general. A virtuous cycle of knowledge, sustainability, exploration and innovation. "A Blue Future" in preparation.


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