E-Learning Course: Blue Biotechnology Advanced Tools

E-Learning Course:  Blue Biotechnology Advanced Tools.


This course will include 4 key areas of the biotechnology pipeline, allowing a comprehensive overview of the process of discovery of new molecules and bioactivities. It has a module on genomics applications to biotechnology, allowing to understand the processes of gene mining and biosynthetic pathway analysis. Screening for the discovery of compounds with a diverse array of bioactivies is the focus of another module that will allow to highlight valuable extracts for compound isolation. Another module will focus on isolation and structure elucidation of novel marine compounds approaching the most modern chemical techniques. A final module on high-throughtput screening and its applications allows a state-of-the art approach to the advanced processes of drug discovery.


Four modules:


Module 1 – Genomic Applications in Biotechnology (Natural Products)


Module 2 – Bioactivities: Cellular Effects of Marine Natural Compounds


Module 3 – Marine Natural Products: Discovery and Structure Elucidation


Module 4 – Highthrouput Screening and Safety


Registration is free of charge and available until march 20th. More information and registrations on the Blue & Green website..