Neptune Seminar Series | Fernando Pagels | 22 March | 12h



Title: Light modulation as a biotechnological tool for the production optimization of a marine cyanobacterium.



Name: Fernando Pagels (CIIMAR)



Abstract: Cyanobacteria have an important role for industrial use, namely to nutraceutical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical uses. The large-scale production depends directly on finding the optimal condition for growth and accumulation of compounds. As photosynthetic organisms, light exerts a crucial role in terms of quality and availability. Thus, when exposed to specific light (e.g. red) the organism is trigged to change its metabolic regulation due to responses to photoreceptors signaling. The aim of this study was to optimize the production of Cyanobium sp. LEGE 06113 in terms of light, in order to enhance the productivity of pigments and antioxidant compounds as response to metabolic acclimation.


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