Oceanus Seminar Series | Cristina Corbeira | 3 May | 12h



Title: Tropicalisation of marine forest in NW Iberia: From kelp forest to algal turf assemblages.


Name: Cristina Corbeira (Univ. Corunha)



Abstract: Human activities are damaging global oceans. Effects of climatic change have been associated with trends in species responses such as the decline of sensitive species or increases in the abundance of warm-water ones. In addition, local/regional impacts like habitat destruction, are also damaging marine ecosystems, which synergistic interaction with global stresses are driving marine ecosystems to dramatic reconfigurations that are expected to have profound ecological, social, and economical implications. Seaweeds are the main foundation species in marine ecosystems on most temperate rocky shores, playing a central structural and functional role. However, have shown dramatic changes worldwide, where many kelp and fucacean forests have been replaced by algal turfs, changing complex seascape forests to a structurally simple mat of low-laying algae. In NW Iberia, numerous studies have also shown changes in the abundance, distribution and diversity, with kelps and other canopy seaweeds disappearing, and seemingly replaced by coralline and other warm-water species.


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