Oceanus Seminar Series | Isabel Cunha | 10 May | 12h



Title: APTASENSORS: using DNA molecules as biorecognition elements in sensors for cyanotoxins detection.


Name: Isabel Cunha (CIIMAR)



Abstract: Aptamers are single-stranded DNA or RNA oligonucleotides, or peptide molecules which can bind to a specific target with very high affinity. They have a great potential for environmental monitoring, particularly for real-time on-site detection of aquatic toxins, produced by marine and freshwater microorganisms (cyanobacteria, dinoflagellates and diatoms), with several advantages over other biorecognition elements. Within the frame of CY-SENSORS project (FCT), aptasensors are being developed for saxitoxin and cylindrospermopsin. The architecture of some aptasensors developed to detect cyanotoxins, namely optic and electrochemical ones, will be explained, and strategies which take advantage of the incorporation of nanomaterials with particularly interesting characteristics will be discussed and detailed.


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