Oceanus Seminar Series | Teodor Stoichev | 24 May | 12h



Title: Spatial distribution of metallic contaminants from a point source: influence of sediment geochemistry


Name: Teodor Stoichev (CIIMAR)



Abstract:  Different behaviour of inorganic mercury (IHg), methylmercury (MeHg) and other metals in surface sediments from the Aveiro Lagoon was observed. Multiple regression analysis was applied, including geochemical characteristics and distances between sampling points as explanatory variables. The purpose of this new treatment is to separate and quantitatively evaluate both the effects of geochemistry and the dispersion of contaminants away from the source. The concentrations of some microelements can be specifically explained by geochemistry only and the anthropogenic influence is negligible. For other metals (IHg, As, Cu and Zn) upstream anthropogenic source were proven. The data treatment method allowed robust quantitative evaluation with respect to extrapolation. The models for MeHg demonstrated that, close to the mouth of the lagoon, net production of MeHg was higher. In future, multiple regression analysis could be applied to separate environmental processes in contaminated sediments.


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