Invited Talk | Feng Zhou | 5 June | 12h


Title: State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Environment Dynamics: Main activities and synergies”



Name: Feng Zhou (Second Institute of Oceanography)



Abstract: The State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Environment Dynamics (SOED) belongs to the Second Institute of Oceanography (SIO) of the State Oceanic Administration, a non- profit oceanographic research institute, performing marine scientific research on China’s seas, oceans and polar regions. SOED comprises researchers from physical oceanography, marine remote sensing and marine ecology, engaged in the protection of the maritime rights and interests, and for disaster prevention and mitigation. SOED is organized in the research themes: Technology and Application of Satellite Remote Sensing, Ocean Dynamic Processes and Ecosystems, Ocean Circulation and Climate Change; and the public platforms: Satellite Ground Station, Argo Data Center, Marine Instrument Sharing Platform, and Computer Center. After ten years, SOED has developed early warning and forecasting systems to monitor marine environment, prevent disaster and safeguarding maritime rights and interests.


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