Oceanus Seminar Series | Cristina Calheiros | 14 Jun | 12h


Title: More than treat water? Multiservices and functions of constructed wetlands


Name: Cristina Calheiros (CIIMAR)


Abstract: Constructed wetlands (CWs) are treatment systems that intent to mimic natural processes that occur in wetlands in order to promote water treatment. They have been applied to different water typologies, as secondary treatment, polishing and even diffuse contamination mitigation. Although their main function is wastewater treatment, they do comprehend a broader horizon of action that can be translated into services. CWs can also be associated to other ecosystem networks such as urban ecological corridors aligned in a green infrastructure strategy at a regional scale, enhancing a larger dimension of multifunctional landscapes. Every solution that is consider for a certain problem must provide other services in order to promote and boost a circular resources flow.


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