Oceanus Seminar Series | Alfaniris Vargas | 21 Jun | 12h


Title: “First data on the biodiversity and potential toxicity of Cyanobacteria from Dominican Republic ecosystems”


Name: Alfaniris Vargas (UASD)


Abstract: Cyanobacteria abound in a variety of environments and are an important source of new biologically active compounds. We can find them commonly in tropical regions, such as the Caribbean and Central America, where important contributions to science have already been reported. In spite of this, in the Dominican Republic no research records on the biodiversity of the Dominican cyanobacteria have been found. Part of our objectives is to study new isolates of cyanobacteria, with special attention to their potential to produce cyanotoxins and their ability to produce compounds with bioactivity. It is expected to discover the biomolecules of the broad biotechnological application and identify new species of cyanobacteria from the Dominican Republic.


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