Oceanus seminar

Prof. Manuel Pinto Abreu will present a seminar entitled "Ocean building blocks:The Continental Shelf and beyond" at 12.00 am at CIIMAR facilities (level 3).

Abstract : The use and exploitation of the sea gained momentum after World War II with the Truman Proclamations declaring the future importance of resources, oil and other minerals, on the soil and subsoil of the continental shelf, and also the need to protect fishery resources. Seventy years later and two decades after the entry into force of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS, 1982), oil, minerals and fishery resources continue to mobilize the attention and effort of States. From its commitment, new maps of sovereignty and jurisdiction, new principles, and visions for the use and exploitation of the sea, much more than geography, are some of the building blocks of the future of the sea that are under development and that we will review.