Neptune Seminar Series | Elza Fonseca | 04 Oct | 12h



Title: Nuclear Receptors in Metazoan lineages: When Evolution meets Disruption


Name: Elza Fonseca (CIIMAR)


Abstract: This seminar will focus on nuclear receptors (NRs) as major players in the evolution of endocrine systems and their perturbation in Metazoa. As an important superfamily of ligand-dependent transcription factors, NRs regulate almost all aspects of metazoan life history, such as, embryogenesis, reproduction, development, endocrine homeostasis, metabolism, or immunity. Given their binding profile plasticity, NRs can be modulated by man-made chemicals, causing adverse effects on human health and wildlife fauna. The unfolding of NRs gene repertoire and the endocrine disrupting mechanisms in multiple metazoan lineages is crucial to clarify the origin and diversification of endocrine systems in metazoans and to understand the ecological impact of chemicals acting via NRs in the Anthropocene.


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