Oceanus Seminar Series 11 Out

Oceanus Seminar Series | Walid MEDHIOUB | 11 Out | 12h


Title: Current Knowledge on Toxic Microalgae status along the southwestern Mediterranean coasts (Tunisia). 

Name of presenter: Walid MEDHIOUB

Affiliation: National Institute of Marine Sciences and Technologies (INSTM)


The proliferation of toxic microalgae and shellfish contamination by phycotoxins are natural phenomena that cause significant economic losses in the level of world aquaculture, particularly in the shellfish farming sector. Tunisia has not escaped this phenomenon especially in the Gulf of Gabès (South West of Tunisia). The ecological and biological data acquired during the last 20 years (1995-2015) as part of the monitoring network of shellfish production areas on South Tunisian coasts showed the presence of different toxics microalgae producers mainly DSP and PSP toxins. EMERTOX EU-Project collaboration offers the opportunity to update the current situation on potentially dangerous micro-organisms and emergent toxins along Southwestern Cost in Tunisia by using innovative samples approaches such as SPATTs methods.

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