Oceanus Seminar

Francisco Arenas will present a seminar entitled "How refreshing! The relevance of recovery conditions after heat wave events" at 12.00 am at CIIMAR facilities (level 2).

Climate change impacts have been recognized across every biome on Earth, disrupting levels of biological organization from genes to ecosystems. In coastal habitats, where the cumulative impacts of land- and ocean-based anthropogenic stressors are severe, the effects of climate change are pervasive. The Fifth Assessment Report of the IPCC reported that while “there is high confidence in the detection of the impact of climate change on the abundance and distribution of a range of coastal species the confidence that climate change has played a major role in many cases is just medium”. Hence ecological research needs to move forward from simple correlative approaches, implementing mechanistic approaches able to identify the functionally most relevant drivers and their combined effects. We present some of the current progress done by our team aiming to increase our predictive and management capacities to mitigate the impacts of climate change on coastal ecosystems.