Nautilus Seminar Series | Fernanda Malhão | 25 Oct | 12h

This week we will introduce the new seminar series NAUTILUS (sailor in Ancient Greek). NAUTILUS seminars will sail us through informal, non-technical and exciting talks, sharing different views and life experiences that can inspire us into new ways of thinking about Science and how communicate it. Be brave, be there! ;)


Title: What can science communication learn from storytelling?


Name: Fernanda Malhão (CIIMAR)


Abstract: Storytelling is a very effective way of communicating and engage your audience. Using the basic structure of a story and adding to it some special storytelling ingredients you can make your science communication resonate more with people, no matter if your audience are scientists, non-scientists or investors. Stories serve as a valuable method for conveying knowledge, instruct and even motivate or persuade Scientists can also use storytelling weapons to convey technical information in a more accessible manner. Embrace new perspectives and new challenges to your science communication! Let me tell you this story!

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