Neptune Seminar Series | Jorge Antunes | 29 NOV |12h


Title: Temporal succession of early marine biofilms in a Portuguese Atlantic Port

Name: Jorge Antunes

Affiliation: CIIMAR/University of Porto

Short summary: Marine biofilms are the first and decisive stage of the marine fouling process. Despite recent studies characterizing these communities in different settings, their temporal succession remains largely uncharacterized. Our objective was therefore to study the temporal succession of early marine biofilms growing in steel surfaces in two seasons of the year: spring and winter. Using data from next-generation sequencing (NGS) we discovered significant taxonomic and functional differences at the two sampled seasons, particularly at the early days of colonization. Furthermore, temporal variations were also found to significantly affect the presence of corrosion and pathogenic-associated taxa which were previously unreported in marine biofilms. Overall, these findings are of importance for an effective, early control of biofouling and corrosion associated taxa.


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