NEPTUNE SEMINAR SERIES | Teresa Martins | 15 JAN | 12h

NEPTUNE SEMINAR SERIES | Teresa Martins | 15 JAN | 12h 


Title: New scytonemins with strong UV absorption and antimicrobial activity


Name: Teresa Martins (CIIMAR)


Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is the most harmful and mutagenic component of the solar spectrum, being the main cause of some forms of skin cancer. In Nature, microorganisms, and particularly cyanobacteria, have developed several protection strategies against the UV radiation, including the production of specialized UV-protective compounds such as scytonemin.
In this work, we describe the isolation and structural elucidation of a series of new scytonemin analogs, from a Moroccan cyanobacterial mat, that can strongly absorb radiation throughout the UV-B and UV-A ranges and present antimicrobial activity. Unlike previous scytonemins that presented dark vivid colors, precluding a number of cosmetic applications, the new molecules present faint colors or are even colorless. Considering their natural origin, bioactivity profile, lack of color and broad UV absorption range, these new scytonemins are good candidates for development into multifunctional ingredients for topical use.


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