On the January 14th (Tuesday), there will be a Swap Market in CIIMAR, from 12 to 18h. The event is open to everyone from CIIMAR, external people can also participate upon registration to
This is a Let’s Swap event in collaboration with the CIIMAR PhD Committee.


What is it?

A Swap Market is a fun way for you to swap the clothing items in your wardrobe for things that you will actually use, try different looks while you contribute to a circular economy.

You can use this opportunity to bring those clothes that you received as a Christmas gift that didn’t came with a receipt.

You can already choose a maximum of 10 clothing items in good shape (as good as you would like to find them) and put them on a strategic place, like the trunk of your car, so you don’t forget to bring them!

There will be a bar with food and drinks to cover deslocation expenses, etc. So bring your own cup and plate!

Who are we?

Let’s Swap is a social movement that was born in Porto from the will to reate an alternative to Fast Fashion that would promote the circular economy. There were already multiple events in Porto and one in Viseu, Covilhã and Famalicão and two of the collaborators are from CIIMAR!


SWAP Market – How does it work?

1. You bring maximum of 10 clothing items or accessories that you don’t use anymore, but are in good condition (as good as you would like to find them);

2. On the Check-in we give you a score according to which type of items you have (ex.: jackets, t-shirts and shoes have different scores);

3. The sum of each item score is calculated. The total score is what you can spend!

4. You choose the items you like the most that are in display;

5. You take them to the Ceck-in table, we calculate and subtract it from your initial score.

6. You take home new clothes without spending any money!


You do not need to choose your new clothes all t once, you can come any number of times you want to the Swap Market during the time of the event, this way you can see the new clothes that arrive with the new participants.
We do not accept underwear and pijamas.
We accept children clothes.

See you soon, Swapper!

Facebook event here.