NAUTILUS SEMINAR SERIES | Hugo Ribeiro | 22 JAN |12h


Title: Always Look on the Bright Side of a Bad Peer-Reviewing Process


Name: Hugo Ribeiro


The peer-review took its first steps in 1665 and is the basis of the current academic publishing process. Nowadays, most of the editors and reviewers’ comments are helpful and useful to improve the quality of the submitted manuscript. However, sometimes, the peer-reviewing process is distressing, since editors and reviewers’ comments are not understandable, being terrible and disrespectful. Therefore, the intent of this presentation is to show a surreal peer review example, providing insights to young researchers of the possible problems and misconduct of editors and reviewers during a peer-reviewing process. Still, as the Monty Python's sketch, it is possible to identify the amusing aspects of the process and embrace the bright side of bad the peer-reviewing process.


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