INVITED TALK | Paul D'Agostino | 27 JAN | 12h


Title: Applying Direct Pathway Cloning (DiPaC) for the capture and expression of cyanobacterial natural product pathways


Name: Paul D'Agostino (Technical University of Dresden)


To speed up the characterisation of natural product pathways, we recently developed a synthetic biology cloning strategy termed Direct Pathway Cloning (DiPaC). DiPaC utilises long-range PCR and in vitro DNA assembly to facilitate pathway assembly, cluster refactoring and direct transfer into any vector backbone in vitro, all during the cloning process. To test the broad applicability of DiPaC, we efficiently refactored and heterologously produced two cyanobacterial natural products, the anabaenopeptins and hapalosin, in addition to the native erythromycin BGC from Saccharopolyspora erythrea. Due to its simplicity, we envisage DiPaC to become an essential method for biosynthetic gene cluster capture and metabolic pathway construction with significant applications for the functional characterisation of novel natural product pathways.


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