OCEANUS SEMINAR SERIES | Andreia Caldeira | 29 JAN | 12h


Title: The balance between research and scientific dissemination: some challenges in the study of fish food safety


Name: Andreia Caldeira (CIIMAR/UEG)


The increasing consumption of raw or undercooked fish has created a concern for public health, not only because it is a highly perishable product, but also because of the possibility of occurrence of zoonotic parasites, such as Anisakis sp.; a worm that can trigger allergic processes or gastrointestinal infection. In this context, all food handlers play an important role in food safety. Thus, studies focusing on the fish circuit (from fishermen to consumers) are of utmost importance for safe consumption. Allied to this, it is necessary to develop tools that bring scientific knowledge to the population, clearly and objectively, in order to warn about the associated dangers, encouraging changes in attitudes and strengthening safe behaviors.


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