OCEANUS SEMINAR SERIES | Joana Azevedo | 05 FEV | 12h


Title: Lab Safety: from behaviour to waste disposal


Name: Joana Azevedo (CIIMAR)


Safety is one of the principal subjects that we came across when start working in a lab.
Lab safety rules must be known and understood before starting any lab work. Providing training and personal protection equipment minimizes injury, short and long term illnesses risks among all workers. A safe lab environment will only be achieved when safety guidelines are implemented. General safety rules are the same in all types of labs, however, different chemicals mean different handling procedures. Especially, when we reach the step of Waste Disposal.
I challenge all to bring questions, suggestions and encourage the creation of a FUN but SERIOUS awareness safety slogan of your own lab like: "Respecting lab safety every day keeps injuries away"


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