OCEANUS SEMINAR SERIES | Odete Gonçalves | 12 FEV | 12h


Title: Seasonal assessment of freshness and quality of some relevant fish species (wild versus cultured)


Name: Odete Gonçalves


Fish is an important element of balanced diet with several benefits for health. Considering the diversity available, it is important to understand his quality. The freshness is one of the parameters used to assess the quality of fish and it can be evaluated through sensorial, physical and microbiological analyses. Based on that, our main goal was to evaluate seasonal differences on freshness of two most sold wild species (Atlantic horse mackerel/Atlantic chub mackerel) versus two cultured ones (seabass/seabream). Preliminary data evidenced that seabream seems more susceptible to fastest degradation than seabass. In addition, significant negative correlation between physical and microbiological results were observed. These results will surely be useful for a better management of fish and to avoid early deterioration.


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