OCEANUS SEMINAR SERIES | Francisco Galindo-Rosales | 02 MAR | 12h


Title: Ferrofluidic Extensional Rheological Response for Ocean CLEAN-up


Name: Francisco Galindo-Rosales (FEUP)


Oil spills are among the most impactful pollution events affecting aquatic systems. Their cleaning is challenging because of the oil properties themselves and the extent of the spills. This work aimed at refining a magnetic clean-up technology patented by MIT, modelling its rheological properties inline with oil toxicity assessment for removal efficiency. In this approach, magnetic nanoparticles are dispersed in the oil-­polluted water to form a ferrofluid either in the oil­phase or in the water­phase. The ferrofluid is then passed through an array of magnets (Halbach array), creating a magnetic field separating the oil from the water phase much faster than gravity, with low energy cost. The seminar will demonstrate the array, present the rheological characterisation and the many challenges/questions raised by the work performed to enhance the efficiency of the Halbach array.


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