OCEANUS SEMINAR SERIES | Mafalda Baptista | 03 June  | 11h30


Title: Adsorption of metallic nanoparticles to estuarine sediments: what implication for denitrification?


Name: Mafalda Baptista


Essential ecosystem services such as denitrification whereby N in the biosphere is transformed into atmospheric N2, are deemed to change rapidly in estuaries and coastal areas. In this talk Douro's estuary timeline of metal contamination and its effects on the biota will be presented. Focusing on denitrification, it will be shown how accumulation on estuarine sediments of metals, specifically copper nanoparticles, can impact this metabolic pathway of the N cycle and the potential denitrification rates. Seeing that the importance of this pathway also lies in its contribution to emissions of N2O, a potent greenhouse gas, knowledge of denitrification controllers in coastal areas contributes invaluable information which guides and informs the predictions for the future of the Douro estuary.


Free online webinar. To access please follow this LINK.