OCEANUS SEMINAR SERIES | Irene Martins | 08 JUL  | 11h30


Title: Developing numerical and technological tools to support Aquaculture 4.0: Results from ValorMar project


Name: Irene Martins


Europe’s aquaculture provides 1.25 million tonnes of seafood annually. Nonetheless, as this is not enough to satisfy European seafood demands, the need to increase the competitiveness of EU aquaculture, through its expansion in terms of space, production and new value chains, has been identified.
The concept of Aquaculture 4.0 relies on the application of cutting-edge technology, such as AI and internet solutions, to achieve smart, cost-effective and environmental sustainable solutions for the aquaculture industry.
I will present a set of numerical and technological solutions developed within the ValorMar project, aimed at providing farmer-friendly tools for real time monitoring of farm conditions, prediction of environmental variables, datamining and models for the growth of farmed species, resulting from the collaboration of Portuguese R&D units, technological companies and national aquaculture farms. Depending on farmer’s decision, the developed tools can be purchased either isolated or combined into an aggregated management platform relying on web services.
Results are promising as they effectively contribute to implement Aquaculture 4.0 in present-day aquaculture farms.


Free online webinar. To access please follow this LINK.