Oceanus Seminar

Marisa Almeida will present a seminar entitled "Using phytoremediation technologies as a nature-based solution to improve and recover impacted estuarine environments" at 12.00 am at CIIMAR facilities (level 2).

One of the research lines being carried out is focused on the development of biotechnology tools for ecosystems recover, taking into consideration the several anthropogenic impacts and the ecosystem functionality. Results obtained in the past 15 years have clearly shown the potentialities of applying native salt marsh plants for the remediation of pollutants (namely metals, hydrocarbons, and pollutants of emerging concern) in moderately impacted estuarine environments, which can contribute for its recovery. This will enable the choice of environmentally friendly and nature-based technologies as the first option, by key role players in the recovering of impacted environments, or when dealing with sources of contaminants, which will ultimately benefit the human health. Results obtained within this research line will be presented, showing phytoremediation as a suitable cleaning technology and promote the generalization of these techniques to everyday life.

Free Entrance