NANOCULTURE WEBINAR - Nanoparticles in aquaculture: Is it something to worry about?

You are invited to the NANOCULTURE Webinar - "Nanoparticles in aquaculture: Is it something to worry about?"  to be held on the 13th of October 2020.


The aquaculture industry - a sector of high economic importance in the Atlantic area – has been experiencing exponential growth. On the other hand, nanoparticles (NPs) are being incorporated in consumer products which end of life is many times in freshwater and seawater. But, does this mean that aquaculture products for consumption are full of NPs? And, can NPs be absorbed by humans after oral intake?


Last year, in France, NPs were banned from food products, raising questions around the incorporation of nanotech-based solutions in the food industry.


Addressing these and other concerns, the NANOCULTURE project is focused on understanding the effects of NPs for aquacultured organisms, and develop analytical tools for rapid measurement of NPs concentration, aiming at mitigating this territorial risk and protect the consumer.


To explore the latest results of NANOCULTURE, we invite you to join the webinar series “Nanoparticles in aquaculture: Is it something to worry about?” with experts from European reference entities, such as BIM - Ireland's Seafood Development Agency, and Consellería do Mar de Xunta de Galicia.


Registration is free but mandatory.


Session I, with Catherine Butler, Shellfish Development Executive in Development and Innovation Division of BIM, Julie Maguire (IRMRS) and Begoña Espiña from INL
Date: October 13, 10 am WEST
Language: English


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