OCEANUS SEMINAR SERIES | Jean-Baptiste Ledoux | 04 Nov  | 11h30


Title: A population genetics perspective on the conservation biology of Mediterranean habitat forming octocorals: what we know and what we don’t know (yet?).


Name: Jean-Baptiste Ledoux


The Mediterranean Sea is a striking example of the challenges induced by global change. This hotspot of marine biodiversity is submitted to strong anthropogenic pressures, including warming-induced mass mortality events. These pressures challenge the eco-evolutionary path of many Mediterranean species, such as habitat-forming octocorals, leading to an important research effort in conservation biology.
My objective here is to give an overview of the work done so far in this topic. I will focus on the inputs gained from population genetics studies in two ecologically key octocorals, the red coral, Corallium rubrum, and the red gorgonian, Paramuricea clavata. I will show how these results, combined to field and experimental ecology, can promote the conservation and restoration of these species.


Free online webinar. To access please follow this LINK.