OCEANUS SEMINAR SERIES | Helena Amaro | 02 Dez  | 11h30


Title: Light spectra, a useful tool to modulate the macroalga Ulva sp. production?

Name: Helena Amaro


Ulva is one of the most cultivated algae in the world, and inland production allows a better control on quality of biomass, particularly if a goal is increase their attractiveness and market value as a raw material for nutraceuticals. Light quality is a very key factor affecting algal growth and composition, and LEDs have become an economical technology for indoor algal aquaculture. Besides it narrow emission spectrum allows to control precisely the light in photomorphogenesis studies.
This study aims to contribute in finding an answer by studying the use of LED for production of Ulva biomass for nutraceutical applications, by monitoring at same time growth, photosynthetic efficiency, sporulation, pigments profile and content, and production of bioactive antioxidant compounds.


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