OCEANUS SEMINAR SERIES | Inês Castro | 03 Fev | 11h30


Title: High throughput screening to "fish out" new organelle contact site proteins in budding yeast

Name: Inês Castro


One of the hallmarks of eukaryotic cells is the presence of organelles as biochemically distinct environments. However, to work cooperatively, organelles must come into close proximity at membrane contact sites to transfer metabolites and to regulate several cellular functions. Despite our increasing understanding of contact sites, many of their molecular components have yet to be identified, hindering the study of their roles in cellular and organism function. To overcome this, we established a systematic and high throughput approach to identify contact site proteins in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Using this method, we have identified many new contact site proteins leading to exciting new research directions on multiple contact sites and insights into their roles in lipid metabolism and cellular homeostasis.


Free online webinar. To access please follow this LINK.