OCEANUS SEMINAR SERIES | Jean-Baptiste Raina | 10 Fev | 11h30


Title: Chemotaxis-driven interactions at the base of the marine food web.

Name: Jean-Baptiste Raina


Marine microorganisms, which include diverse communities of phytoplankton and bacteria, control carbon and nutrient cycling, mediate the productivity and stability of marine food webs, and influence ocean-atmosphere fluxes of climatically-relevant chemicals. While the critical roles of phytoplankton and bacterial populations in controlling marine ecosystem functions are regularly considered in isolation, emerging evidences suggest that the lifestyles of these organisms are inherently entwined and that their relationships may in fact often occur within the framework of a symbiosis. However, our understanding of the ecological interactions taking place between phytoplankton and bacteria, together with their biogeochemical implications, is severely undeveloped. Here I will present some recent data revealing tight metabolic linkages between heterotrophic bacteria, cyanobacteria and photosynthetic protists in the water column.


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