OCEANUS SEMINAR SERIES | Joana Pereira | 10 Mar | 11h30


Title: The VCBS superfamily: revising the classification landscape of β-propeller domains

Name: Joana Pereira


β-Propellers are found across all kingdoms of life, assuming many cellular roles as scaffolds for macromolecular interactions and catalysis. Most families are related to each other and, in cluster analyses, those of the WD40 superfamily always formed the largest group to which some important families, such as the α-integrin and glycoside hydrolase β-propellers, connected weakly. Motivated by the dramatic growth of sequence databases, we now revisited these connections and included a group never analyzed for its evolutionary relationships: the VCBS-like group of lectins and toxins. We found that VCBS propellers completely change the classification landscape of this large group of domains, resolving many unknown evolutionary connections and accommodating a wide variety of families not hitherto described.


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