NEPTUNE SEMINAR SERIES | Diana Almeida | 31 Mar | 11h30


Title: The dynamic prokaryotic community of a recirculating aquaculture system


Name: Diana Almeida


Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) allow water reuse by managing waste and nutrient recycling, consequently making intensive fish production compatible with environmental sustainability. A key aspect of these systems is the beneficial bacterial community of the biofilter. In this study we aim to investigate the dynamics of the prokaryotic community of a sole (Solea senegalensis) hatchery RAS in relation to the variability of water physical-chemical parameters. Prokaryotic community shifts were found to be modelled by water parameters such as salinity and pH. Using Next Generation Sequencing, the prokaryotic community composition in different units of recirculating systems was characterized. This is essential for the understanding of the microbial community balance in aquaculture and an important tool for overall aquaculture system management.


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