NEPTUNE SEMINAR SERIES | Isidro Blanquet | 07 Abr | 11h30


Title: REARLING Project - Strategies for artificial reproduction of Senegalese sole


Name: Isidro Blanquet


The project REARLING, funded by the Portugal 2020 program, has established the sustainable aquaculture production of Senegalese sole through the implementation of biotechnologies that removed the bottleneck in the species reproductive control to close the biological cycle in captivity.
The principal problem that frustrated the implementation of in vitro fertilization was the low quantities of poor-quality sperm obtained from sole males.
In addition to increasing sperm production the project implemented in vitro fertilisation protocols in the SEA8 sole hatchery. This has provided protocols that defined how to manage sperm and eggs to obtain good levels of fertilisation, hatching and production of larvae to stock larval growing facilities.


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