NEPTUNE SEMINAR SERIES | Janaína Morone Bavini | 14 Abr | 11h30


Title: Natural cosmetics based on cyanobacteria: searching for safe and profitable formulations


Name: Janaína Morone Bavini


In the last years, the use of natural products in skin care formulations has become a major concern for modern societies. The undesirable side effects of synthetic compounds, as well as the associated environmental hazards, have driven investigation on photosynthetic organisms as sustainable sources of effective and environmentally friendly ingredients. In this way, the use of natural extracts in cosmetics has been highlighted. Along with plants and algae, cyanobacteria have come into focus as a source of compounds for cosmetic applications. Due to their low culture demands, high grow rates, and ability to produce a wide variability of bioactive compounds, cyanobacteria have emerged as an economically and sustainable base for the cosmetic industry.


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