OCEANUS SEMINAR SERIES | Ana Mafalda Correia | 23 Jun | 11h30


Title: CetaTerrace - Cetaceans from our Terrace


Name: Ana Mafalda Correia


In the last couple of years, CIIMAR’s communication office and the CETUS Project team have received several records of cetacean sightings from in-house researchers spotting the animals from the terrace. These records are extremely important to understand the presence, diversity and residency patterns of cetaceans in the northern waters of Continental Portugal. And so, the CetaTerrace programme started!
Do you enjoy taving a break time at the terrace? Now, if you see a cetacean, you can easily report your sighting to be used for scientific purposes! In this seminar, the CetaTerrace programme will be presented to let you know how to effectively contribute to the study of cetacean presence in the North of Portugal, and therefore, to support their conservation!


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