Online seminar "What to keep in mind when working in BOGA"

Online seminar "What to keep in mind when working in BOGA"

Boga Team | 22 Jul | 11h30


Title: What to keep in mind when working in BOGA


The new Biotério de OrGanismos Aquáticos (BOGA) facilities in the Terminal de Cruzeiros de Leixões started its activity in September 2017. Throughout the last 3 years dozens of new experimental systems were assembled and several experimental rooms were prepared to receive our aquatic organisms. During this period, the CIIMAR researchers took care of more than 45 000 individuals that were used in very different research areas. Considering that our main goal is to always guarantee animal welfare, there are several behaviours, tasks and precautions that the facility users should bare in mind. Beyond that, our facilities have the Direção Geral de Alimentação e Veterinária (DGAV) accreditation for animal experimentation, so there are several rules that must be fulfilled to maintain that status. The objective of this presentation is to point out several basic, yet important, knowledge and skills researchers should keep in mind while working in BOGA.   


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