NEPTUNE SEMINAR SERIES |Kathleen Abt | 14 Jul | 11h30


Title: Biosynthesis of chlorinated lactylates from cyanobacteria


Name: Kathleen Abt


Cyanobacteria are a rich source of natural products with potential for pharmacological and biotechnological applications. The enzymes producing these secondary metabolites are usually encoded in close proximity in biosynthetic gene clusters (BGCs). Despite enormous advances in genome sequencing technologies, many natural products do not yet have a BGC associated and vice versa. Addressing this gap promotes the discovery of both novel natural products and unique enzymes. Recently, a group of compounds called chlorosphaerolactylates were reported from cyanobacteria. In this study, we used stable isotope labeling and bioinformatics to identify a BGC for the chlorosphaerolactylates. The discovery of this biosynthetic pathway paves the way to microbial production of lactylates that are widely used as emulsifiers in the food and cosmetics industries.


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