NEPTUNE SEMINAR SERIES | Andreu Santín Muriel | 29 Sep | 11h30


Title: Fishermen and scientists: synergies for the exploration, conservation and sustainability of the marine environment


Name: Andreu Santín Muriel


Although fisher’s gilds are still operative in most marine protected areas, only a minority of scientific studies and management plans have integrated the experience and knowledge of fishers in these areas.
This scant involvement of fishers in drawing up the management measures often results in their refusal to accept them and a lack of motivation in implementing proposals to preserve the marine environment and seek a more sustainable exploitation of it.
To reverse such dynamic, the Institute of Marine Science (Spain) initiated a close cooperation with artisanal fishers with the aim of better understanding their techniques, promoting this type of fishing, mitigating the impacts that it has in the area and promote the inclusion of fishers into scientific projects.


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