NEPTUNE SEMINAR SERIES | Axel Chabrerie | 13 Out | 11h30


Title: Effects of elevated temperature and nutrient deprivation on semi-naturally structured assemblage


Name: Axel Chabrerie


Evidence of consequences of climate changes on species distribution and ecosystem services are emerging, and climate driver stressors are expected to intensify in the following years. In North Portugal, the NW Iberian upwelling system already shows signs of weakening, leading to higher sea surface temperature and lower nutrient input in the region. These local environmental changes have led to alteration on communities structure and are potentially associated with an overall decrease of system productivity.
The present study aimed to test individual and combined effects of elevated temperature and nutrient depletion on naturally structured assemblage, and to characterize these effects on different component of the assemblage. The eco-physiological response of the community and its components included growth and productivity.


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