NEPTUNE SEMINAR SERIES | Javier Sanz Moxó | 20 Out | 11h30


Title: Appetite reduction by microalgae in zebrafish larvae for obesity treatment


Name: Javier Sanz Moxó


Over 4 million people die per year because obesity leads to diseases such as high cholesterol, diabetes and both respiratory and cardiovascular complications. To solve this problem, an urgent search of innovative therapeutic drugs must be done to secure a suitable human health. Microalgae are important biological resources that have a wide range of biotechnological applications. Known as protein resource, but also as producers of valuable compounds for human health benefits, these microorganisms are a powerful source for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical uses. The aim of this research focuses on the screening of 92 microalgae extracts in zebrafish larvae in two different assays (liposomes and paramecia) for the discovery of appetite reducing compounds.


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