OCEANUS SEMINAR SERIES | Yannick J. Bomble | 27 Oct | 15h30*

*This seminar will run at 15h30 (Portugal time) to accomodate the speaker time zone. 


Title: New Approaches for Biomass Deconstruction and Conversion: Towards Low Cost and Sustainable Production of Cellulosic Biofuels and Biochemicals


Name: Yannick J. Bomble


Microorganisms have evolved different and yet complementary mechanisms to deconstruct and utilize biomass in the biosphere. We focus on understanding and leveraging these different approaches to engineer robust microbes for the deconstruction and conversion of biomass to value added products. Beyond exploring natural design principles we also put a lot of emphasis on rational enzyme design to improve biomass degrading and plant biosynthetic enzymes to develop more sustainable and carbon efficient processes. Also, more recently, we have started developing new approaches for the conversion of cellulosic sugars and waste streams using cell free biocatalysis. In these approaches, enzyme cascades are used instead of microbial biocatalysts therefore circumventing many of the impediments encountered in traditional fermentation processes.


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