NEPTUNE SEMINAR SERIES | Laura Frohn | 24 Nov | 11h30


Title: Primordial Peptides at the Core of Ancient Metabolism


Name: Laura Frohn


The sustainable development of aquaculture has long proposed to replace fishmeal by new ingredients such as processed animal protein (PAP). However, the total replacement of fishmeal by PAP is not yet possible because of the decrease in growth in carnivorous fish. In order to counteract the negative effects observed on growth and improve fish health, previous studies focused on including feed additives such as yeast in diets without fishmeal. To evaluate the benefits of a yeast extract (Prosaf®) supplementation in a PAP diet, we performed a digestibility and a long-term feeding trial of 12 weeks on rainbow trout. Fish fed a PAP diet supplemented with 3% of Prosaf, showed better growth performances and an improvement of gut health and immunity.


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