OCEANUS SEMINAR SERIES | Cristina Matos & Cristina Santos | 02 Fev | 11h30


Title: Water and Sustainability: skills and research works developed by the investigators Cristina Matos and Cristina Santos


Name: Cristina Matos & Cristina Santos


This presentation intends to introduce the work that has been developed by the investigators Cristina Matos and Cristina Santos, in order to promote future synergies with the CIIMAR community. This research center has a diverse number of interest areas that complement themselves, and the interconnection between similar or even distinct areas might benefit the coverage and the development of the investigation projects. The main goal is to establish future partnerships with the colleagues that share interest in the main investigation areas of these researchers, namely; Water use efficiency, Water reuse, Rainwater harvesting, energy to water nexus, Urban flood control and mitigation, Low Impact Development and the Control of Rainfall Inflow/Infiltration in sewage networks.


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