NEPTUNE SEMINAR SERIES | Tonka Buha | 02 Mar | 11h30


Title: Molecular identification of Vibrio genus bacteria from bivalve aquaculture sites in Eastern Adriatic


Name: Tonka Buha


The genus Vibrio consists of important invertebrate, fish, and human pathogens which is why identification to species level is especially important in aquaculture in order to prevent economical losses and disease outbreaks. The aim of this study was to identify selected Vibrio samples to species level, determine their phylogenetic relationships and compare the structure of the Vibrio community between two shellfish aquaculture sites from North-eastern and South-eastern Adriatic. For identification of Vibrio samples, six housekeeping genes and 16S rRNA were targeted. By applying multilocus sequence analysis (MLSA) followed by phylogenetic analysis, several Vibrio species and groups have been successfully identified and with that the presence of several pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic Vibrio species in the eastern Adriatic have been proven.


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