OCEANUS SEMINAR SERIES | Evandro Lopes | 09 Mar | 11h30


Title: Cabo Verde - Marine invertebrates Hotspot


Name: Evandro Lopes


The invertebrate fauna of Cabo Verde is dominated by a large number of species of marine sponges, polychaetes, jellyfish, echinoderms, small crustaceans and molluscs. However, many gaps in knowledge remain, namely about the diversity, distribution and conservation status of some reported species, their respective biogeographic patterns and vulnerability to extinction and future climate change. The presentation will focus on some important topics: the list of marine invertebrate species from Cabo Verde islands, ecology analysis of some species and analyse the geographical position of the Cabo Verde archipelago regarding the introduction of alien species. Finally, the BIOCATALOG project is presented, which has been supporting the cataloguing of species.


Mixed Format Webinar: Join us on Level 1 of the CruiseTerminal building or online through this LINK.


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