OCEANUS SEMINAR SERIES | María López-Acosta | 11 May | 11h30


Title: Assessing the role of benthic organisms in the marine silicon cycle


Name: María López-Acosta


Silicon is a key nutrient in the ocean necessary for the growth of a variety of pelagic and benthic organisms (some microalgae, sponges and rhizarians). By controlling the growth of these organisms, silicon cycles in the ocean and is interconnected with other major nutrient cycles such as that of carbon, playing a fundamental role in the functioning of marine ecosystems. Unlike the contribution of pelagic organisms, that of benthic organisms has rarely been assessed and quantified. Here I show how benthic siliceous organisms participate in the benthic-pelagic coupling of silicon in coastal oceans and which role they play in the cycling of silicon in deep-sea ecosystems.


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